Who is Pacific Digital?

Based in Las Vegas, NV, Pacific Digital, L.L.C. was founded in 2001, with the purpose of providing superior services to traditionally underserved industries.

With a firm foundation in Network Connectivity, Security & Management, Application, Website and Email Hosting, and Proprietary Device Integration, we are continually finding new ways to make our customers more efficient and productive.

Pacific Digital is making a name for itself as a recognized provider of technology consulting and integration services. Businesses have been held captive by aging hardware & software, security concerns, and a constantly evolving technological landscape that threatens to overwhelm. We make it our business to relieve your staff of the responsibility of keeping pace with the latest trends, and instead provide solutions to make your business work more efficiently.

Feel free to use the contact link on the left to find out how Pacific Digital can help your company meet the demands of the technology age!

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