Pacific Digital Services:

Pacific Digital is primarily a technology consulting firm, aimed at providing a 1-stop shop for all of your company's needs. Most SMB's (Small-to-Medium Businesses) cannot afford nor justify a full time IT manager. Pacific Digital fills this gap by taking over everything from the mundane management of servers and workstations, to advanced network buildouts and wireless deployment. It is important to recognize one's limits, however, as the expression "Jack of All Trades, Master of Nothing" has never been more true than in the IT field. When the needs of a customer extend beyond our abilities, we will not hesitate to involve specialists as needed. But, we will not just make a recommendation and disappear. We will still be involved with your project end to end. Below is a brief detail of the services that Pacific Digital can provide your company:
  • Network Management
    From simply making sure your Antivirus protection is adequate, to completely locking down your systems to protect from malicious attacks, inside (Employees) and out (Internet Intruders), Pacific Digital's Network Management solutions are top notch.
  • Network Design and Installation (LAN, WAN, VPN)
    Is your network slow, even unusable? Are your network applications giving you errors because of slow or unreliable links between your workstations? Maybe you need to connect remote offices (or maybe that home office you've been yearning for). We can provide a full array of solutions, both wired (Ethernet, Fiber Optic) and Wireless (802.11a/b/g).
  • System Installation
    Perhaps you have already accepted that it's time to retire that old 386, but don't know where to begin to select a new system. Even worse, when you do decide on a system, you are less than eager to install and configure it yourself. Maybe you just need to add another gig of RAM, but would prefer not to fry your system in the process by doing it yourself. In any case, Pacific Digital can handle such tasks with ease. Our Systems Administrators and Service Technicians are all CompTIA A+ Certified, and fully qualified to handle any of your systems hardware and software needs.
  • Industry-Specific (Proprietary) Device Integration
    Now that you have all of that manufacturing equipment, how can you manage and monitor it from your desk, without needing to stand around in a plant all day? Simple. Most modern manufacturing equipment have some provision for network or PC integration. Granted, these things are still in their infancy, and are usually quite primitive, but if it can be connected to a computer, Pacific Digital can make it a reality. We will work with the equipment vendor, software developers, and anyone else necessary to make your systems as tightly integrated and seamless as possible.
Now that you have decided Where you want to go today, let Pacific Digital take you there!

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